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Play Your Part Not to Suffer Unjustly

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He has been buying stolen products from

Thieves for long hiding under the guise that he

Is a business person. When people ask him he will

Say “it is business, it is business” and to make it in

Life one needs to be buying things like that for it is something

Like that, that could bring about maximum profit. Those who do

Do not like such would tell him that it is not good, for he is also

Aiding and abetting thieves and anyone who aids and abets thieves

The person is also a thief. But he will insist that he is neither a thief

Nor aiding and abetting any thief. He is simply a professional business

Person he will say. When they discovered he is not yielding to what they

Are saying, they leave him alone. One day, his wife visited him at his

Workshop, few minutes after she gets to his store, those who used to sell

Stolen products arrived to sell some things to him. After they had reached

Agreement, they handed the goods to him while he gives them the money.

After those people’s departure, his wife asked him why those people brought

Such goods to him, for he ought to have gone to their store to go and buy what

He wants from them. His reply was that different stores now have “marketers”

Unlike in the time past, there is competition among those people now unlike

Before when there is monopoly of everything. Those people he told her are

Marketers of their companies and have brought those products to him to buy from

Them because they know he used to buy such products. His reply to his wife

Was not satisfactory and she told him that what of if those people are thieves,

For she used to hear of how some companies are lamenting about how their

Deborah Cox- Play Your Part

Products are missing. He was not expecting this from his wife, thence he told

Her that what he knows is that they are marketers and that is how they used to

Bring things to him to buy at a cheaper price so that he will make maximum gain

From thereby. Then the wife says, there he goes, selling things at a cheaper

Rate than the companies price, that don’t he feel something is wrong? He silenced

His wife, that she should not interfere in his business and should leave him alone.

I am saying this now, because I do not want any evil to betide you, because

If those people are caught they will name him as the one they used to sell stolen

Properties to, and he should know what would follow. She told him to becareful

And should not have dealings with them again. He promised to take her words

Into consideration but he never did. Months after this, those people were arrested

By the law enforcement agencies and after torturing they named him as the person

They used to sell stolen products to. He was arrested and his wife was located

Because they thought she may equally be a part of what her husband has been doing

But the wife denied being a part and would produce the recorded conversation

Between him and her of where she has told him to stop having dealings with those

People. When the law agencies heard the recorded conversation they freed the woman

While the man faces the full wrath of the law alone….