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Plant Your Feet On The Ground

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Each Day A New Direction

We all struggle from time to time

The important thing is to keep our head in the game

We will make mistakes and have slip-ups

Sometimes we learn from our setbacks more than our achievements

We don't always see our progress

We get focused on the wrong behaviors and emotions

That causes us to derail all the good we have made

I like to turn to nature and look for answers

By enjoying the good and the bad

When I see a fallen tree

I don't think of the poor tree

I think of the home it may be

For a bird or little animal that borrowed deep

Living in its an empty shell

So what once was a good healthy tree

Filled with leaves and strong branches

Shading the grass beneath

Digging deep into the ground with its long roots

Using the water that could cause a flood

Taking the carbon monoxide out and turning into the clean fresh air

All without any help from people

When something happens

The tree doesn't complain

That lightning is to blame

For its demise

So if trees can do it

I can do it too

I hold no one responsible for the things that happen

I do the best I can

No matter what the outcome is

I am better for trying than not giving any effort at all

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