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Pitched Against His Mother #4

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He sits down outside his house this day, which Marks the fifteenth-year remembrance of when his mother was buried, and he was reflecting over the past incidents all that the priests have told him and how he has reacted to his late mother, aged father and other siblings, and

He concludes that the priest has lied to him all along, the priest has pitched him against his mother which led to the sickness of his mother and her death when she died, because everyone keeps telling him after his mother’s death that his mother used to tell him that she

Does not know what has come over him, she does not know those who have pitched him against her. “I have really been pitched against you mama, I am begging your spirit to please forgive me for acting wrongly, acting senselessly against you when you are alive, I have been

Lied to and have become subject of false priests, I hope your spirit would forgive me”, he says sobbing. He cuts off his relationship with the priest, went to his father to apologize to him for how he has behaved wrongly and has listened to liars who chase him away from

Home when he ought to be assisting the family, putting the family back on its feet. His father told him that before his mother’s demise, she has forgiven him, and has told him that she has forgiven him. However, for you to know she has forgiven you, she told me before her

Demise that I should give you something as her first son being what her grandfather gave her before his death, it is a small box containing small booklet, in the box you will find something which will help you to break forth in life, it is the person she loves most that must

Be given that, it is the inheritance of her lineage. That is the practice of her lineage he told him, to protect the ancestry. She however told me that, I should not look for you to give you the box, for if I do that, her spirit will fight me, but she says, when you discover yourself


And come back to the family to apologize that I should give you, and by that you will know that no one among the family is against your progress, it is what you have destined to pass through in life that you are passing through, no one could suddenly alter what has been

Written for him in the world beyond when he gets to the physical world, one would pass through everything ordained for him, it is what has been ordained for you that you are passing through, though very painful but it is the truth, and now that you have discovered that

It is not all the priests who are gods, her spirit is happy with you, I am also happy with you, and from now on you will start seeing positive changes in all your undertakings, his father said. When he heard this he bursts into another cry, saying he is so sorry to have

Brought untold hardships on the family by his mean behavior, telling his father that as from that moment he is returning home to live with the family to learn from him more before he dies. He hung on his neck and keeps crying. He returns to live with his father, started

Taking care of him, saying, the blessings his mother could not give him before her demise he will receive all from his father’s mouth before he dies. Three years after returning to his father’s house, one of his parent’s business partners come around from another island, saying

He wants to repay the goodness of their parents to them, he was initially thinking they would have died, but he was happy that the father is yet alive, he gave the man huge sum which was handed over to the son, saying he is now old, and could not run around as before

Again, he should resuscitate their business and ensure that he does not leave his junior ones alone, “now, I can die peacefully, for the gods have again revisited the family and have brought our goodness to remembrance”.


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