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Pitched Against His Mother #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Since it is a taboo for anyone to kill in the island, he was counseled by the priest that what he needs to do is to flee the island and have zero communication with his mother. He obeyed what the priest says and left the island without telling anyone where he was going because he

Believes that if he tells it to anyone any of them could tell his mother which he does not want to happen. At the new island he gets to, he has been living in the new place for about five years now, without seeing nor allowing people who know his mother to know where he

Lives, yet he finds things difficult, he can barely feed himself, let alone think about venturing into doing some other things that young man of his age were doing. Despite this, he yet goes to the priest to update him of the situation of his life, but the priest will tell him that

Assuming he has stayed in the island, around his mother, things would have been far worse than it was then, it is because he has changed where he is living that his life has changed a bit like that the priest told. His mother however was not happy with the

Development of things between her and her son, her first born, for she loves him dearly. At the initial moment, she does not know where her son was living for he ensures that he contacts no one, but with time her mother gets the information of where he has migrated to

And where he was living. Though she knows through people where he has moved to, but he does not allow his mother or people to come close to him. When she could not “find his face”, she sends people to him to ask him if she has wronged him which prompted him to

Acting the way he was acting to him. She told the people that if she has wronged him that she is ready to apologize to him. He did tell everyone who comes to him on behalf of her mother that neither she nor anyone in the family has wronged him but he is following the

Injunctions of the gods that immediately he finishes the fortification procedure he is passing through he will see his mother. For that was what the priest told him saying that if he tells anyone about the curse terrible thing would come on him far worse than what he was

Fleeing from, thus he keeps telling people that he is undergoing some spiritual cleansing and fortification. He has been doing this for seven years now, during this period, his mother has developed psychological trauma. When the situation does not changed, her psychological

Imbalance, degenerates into another serious sickness. When this happened, he was sent for by his father that his mother was sick, but he would not yield to the call of his father, he sends to the priest the information he has heard about his mother, and the priest told him that

He should wait a while that he will send someone to him who will give him a necklace and a ring which he will put on before going to his family house so that all the periods of his seclusion from his parents would not be in vain and additional effects of the curse on him

Would be negated. He waited for ten more days, before the necklace and the ring get to him. During this period, his father keeps sending message to him that he needs to come and see his mother. On the eleventh day, he got to his mother, by then the sickness has worsened

Sand his mother could not open her eyes again, few hours after arriving, his mother gave up the ghost. People rallied round the family to give the woman a befitting burial. After the burial he hopes for an immediate positive change, because according to the priest, if his

Mother could die, there would be accelerated progress for him and all his siblings. But contrary to his expectation neither his situation nor that of any of the siblings changed even fifteen years after the burial of their mother.



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