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Pitched Against His Mother #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The report of their findings have been submitted which the kings of each island have access to, and in the report it was stated that the kind of food they eat has direct influence on multiple child birth in the area, because at other islands where people do not take the kind of

Food they were eating, they discovered that the people there do not give birth to twins as they are, this is associated with other things like genetical relation as they have opined in their documentations. These love birds who have been seeing each other, thought about this

Research and say, if their first pregnancy turns out to be twins how would they take care of the children, thence, they told themselves that they need to play their love out a little while longer. It was during this period that they also decide to give the god of blessing of the region

A trial by joining the troupe of other worshipers who have embraced the god. As fate would have it, their business picked up after they joined other worshipers to be worshiping the god of blessing. When they noticed that their business has picked up they got married to

Each other and give birth to him. Their business continues to grow, and soon they become one of the ten leading business couples in their island. They have money and could afford anything that other rich people within the region possess. But seven years into this life of

Abundant blessings, terrible incidents started happening to the young man’s parents, they started fallen sick repeatedly and before you know it they do not have ample time to attend to their businesses again because of the recurrent sickness, the people they have assigned to be

Monitoring their business for them could not monitor it well as it is said that no one could monitor business as one would monitor it. This was the condition of things with the family and they started noticing their wealth going down the drain. They started selling their

Properties to buy drugs and other things that the priests ask for, for their healing and restoration of health and blessings. As they keep spending money on this nothing changes until they sold all they had labored for. The only thing left for his parents which was not sold


Was the house they built. In this position the young too started his business, but things were not going on well for him all his efforts were always turning to naught. It was during this period that the young man was introduced to one of the priests in the island to help him

Ask the gods what the problem was with the young man. The priest after examining his palm says unto him that the source of his problem was his mother and except the mother dies, he cannot make head way through in life. There was a curse hovering over his mother which

Sends off her children their helpers and blessings, he says that he could see that none of his siblings have had a breakthrough in their life, and anyone that gets close to breaking through something would happen that would bring disappointment along the path of the

People. He asks him to think of many people who have promised to help him in the past, that some of them died suddenly and those who did not die, their businesses packed up, those who are working with people are suddenly booted out of their companies which prevented

Them from rendering their promised assistances to him. He nodded his head in approval of what the priest has said. when the priest sees that he confirmed what he has said, then he told him that all those were caused by the curse that has been placed on his mother which is

Indirectly affecting her children, for the curse is that the woman would not eat out of the works of her children before she dies, and the curse is so severe that nothing could be done about it he stated. The young man asks the priest what he could do to remedy the situation, he

Replies that there is nothing he could do about it, because his mother has tried severally with no solution what he could do is leave the environment where the woman lives to another place, if he does not see the woman for seasons and times, the curse’s effect on him would be reduced and he by that would be able to make progress where he is.


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