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Pitched Against His Mother #1

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General Overview of the Belief of People of the Region

The ancient founder of the region which incorporate about twenty islands, are ardent believers in the gods, those gods have different priests who taught the people about the “dos and don’ts” of those gods. Those who believed in those gods do abide by the teachings of the

Priests so that they would not grieve their gods and would invoke the wrath of gods on themselves and their generations. The recurrent claim of those priests is that they are in tune with their gods and their gods have power to show them what would happen in the future,

Which they will reveal to anyone who comes to them to ask for how their future looks like especially those who are their ardent followers, they can do anything for them to ensure that their gods change their lives. They also claim that their gods speak to them about their

Followers, revealing to them hidden things about their followers, what their followers could do to change their lives, what they could do to improve their lives. They present their gods as the powerful ones who could make people, bless them, and turn their fortunes around

Suddenly. If people are suffering, they will ask such people to come to them and they will see that within short frame of time, their lives would change if they could do all that their gods would ask them to do. This belief has been in the hearts of virtually all the inhabitants of

The islands that make up the region, and they all have been contacting the gods through their priests to ask of what lie ahead of them, what they can do and how to bring about changes in their lives and especially their works. This is common with people who are having

Difficult times in the islands those who are living below average, they use to contact the priests to ask of what they could do to bring about the change while those who are living above the average would contact those priests to know what they need to be doing so that their blessings will keep rising.

Segun at Abeokuta

Segun at Abeokuta

The Young Man

There was a young man whose parents have been following the god of blessing of the region, this god is believed by majority of people within the region, the god is the one who spans through the nooks and crannies of the region unlike some other gods that are limited to

An island or sometimes two islands. Because no one wants to be poor, poverty is detested by all, therefore, people from all islands within the region embraced this god, and they were worshipping the god. Before this young man was begotten by his parents, his parents have

Embraced the god of blessing and have been worshiping the god faithfully. When they joined the new faith, they noticed that things really changed for them, and their business that has been like a sinusoidal curve was discovered to be on the ascending terrain, growing like

Someone who is climbing a staircase. Their wedding has been put on hold for years because their business cannot take care of them, thence they think that if they should come together as one and they take in how would they be able to take care of their pregnancy and

The child that would come forth afterwards. It was during this period that some groups of researchers come into the region to find out if there is any connection between what they were eating and multiple child birth in the region, because they have discovered that in the

Region the rate of people with multiple child birth in the region is higher than in other parts of the region.