Pinpoint Analysis - Part 17

Updated on December 4, 2018


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

From Part 16

Against Deb's best efforts a combination of anxiety, stress, confusion, and depression guarantee Les won't be sleeping tonight.

Les was in for a fitful night of sleep. He had already been up three times before the clock in the hall struck 2:00. He was sweating profusely and was more than agitated. Deb was reacting to the physical symptoms - the restlessness, the sweating, the agitation. Les was reacting to a strange sense of impending elation or doom. He couldn't tell which. He was encountering an intense nervousness. At last, Deb was able to persuade him to come back to bed.

Exhausted, he finally fell asleep. By 3:00 he was sitting on the edge of the bed twitching with anxiety. Then he collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Deb felt relieved he was finally sleeping, but that would not last long. Les was rolling and moaning on the bed.

"Les, Les, wake up!" For a moment, Les didn't respond to Deb's wake-up call. Then he sat up - sweat dripping from his brow and a look of urgency on his face. Deb got a towel and patted Les's wet face. "Are you okay, Honey? What's going on? What's this about?" She began to rub his back.

Les's gaze was far off as if he saw something in the distance. He sat in the dark, staring at nothing. Then he spoke. "Trista came to me. She needs me to come to her, but . . . "

"But what, Les?"


"I have to fight the demons."

"Oh, come on, Les. Get real! What did you see? But please remember, it was only a dream."

"She is in a large room with hundreds of others. The room is surrounded by demonic creatures. To free her I have to fight the demons - and win."

Deb tried to not let her sarcasm show. "And, tell me, Les, just where is this room?"

"I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's at air-zero. Maybe it's somewhere years ahead in the future. Maybe years in the past. I don't know. I don't know - but I've got to find out."

"Les, really! You're not making any sense. Where is air-zero? How can she be living in the past or the future? And just how do you plan to find this room? You need to face it. She's dead. Trista is dead. Please, Les. You hurt me with this nonsense. "

Deb shook her head and turned on the light. She turned away to hide the tears. "It's almost time for you to get ready for work. Do you want a cup of coffee?"

"Yeah. Sure." Les reached for the phone.

Les obediently placed the phone on the nightstand and staggered to the kitchen. He could wait until he got to work to make his forbidden phone call.

"And just who are you calling at 4:45 in the morning?" Deb wanted to know.


Deb couldn't believe it. "Hoss Guiser? You haven't talked to him in years. What are you calling him for? Let the poor guy sleep. At least, I bet he's sleeping well. That's more than I can say for us."

"Actually Deb, he's been working on the project with me for quite some time."

"Les, hang up that phone. You don't need to get others involved in your sick fantasy - especially so early in the morning. Come get your coffee."

Les obediently placed the phone on the nightstand and staggered to the kitchen. He could wait until he got to work to make his forbidden phone call. After his coffee and shower, Les drove down the highway to another day of work. He had to admit to himself he was still shaken by his vision of Trista. Maybe Deb was right. Maybe he was losing touch with reality.

It didn't matter. As soon as he arrived at the lab, he called Hoss. There was no answer. Les left a message on Hoss's voicemail. Susan arrived at the lab. She made her way to Les's office.

"Good morning, Boss. I brought you a donut and a cup of coffee. Here you go. Anything else you need right now?"

"Oh, thank you, Susan. No, that's fine. If I need anything else, I'll let you know."

Les sat in silence thinking. "Cartwright! I need to interview him again. Some time has passed. I need to see what he still remembers."

Within an hour, Susan ushered Cartwright to Les's office. Les stood as he entered the room.

"It's good to see you again, Lieutenant. Please, have a seat."

"Thank you, Doctor. How can I be of help in this investigation?"

"First of all. Lieutenant - you do realize you could be in danger by talking to me about this? I need to know that you are here on your own free will."

"Yes, sir. I'm here because I know there is evil out there, and it must be stopped. Frankly, Doctor, I believe it was our own Navy that opened the door. So yes. I realize the danger involved. But I'm ready for the storm."

Les weighed his words carefully. "Opened the door to what?"


Les began to laugh, but the conviction in Lieutenant Cartwright's voice shut him up quickly. He couldn't ignore the demons any longer. "I'll come back to that, but for now let me ask you, what do you recall about your plane's disappearance, and what do you remember about being trapped in time?"

"It began as a normal flight - nothing out of the ordinary. we were taking supplies to AUTEC. We reached a certain point when a heavy weight seemed to be pushing the aircraft down, but the instruments read as normal. We were still flying the right course. All of a sudden a thousand small flickering pinpoints of light appeared in the water below. Kind of a mesmerizing sight. The small lights gathered into one beam, brighter than the sun. That's all I remember until you came for me. Thank you, sir.

"The rest was given to me telepathically. I could see things without actually experiencing them."

"Is this where your notion of Hell fits in?"

"Yes, sir. First of all, let me say I am a Christian."

Les heard it before but didn't think the statement was really worth reflecting on. Still, he wanted to hear the whole story. "And that's why you were left trapped in time rather than to be taken with the others? Go on, please."

"The devil knows he can't have me. I belong to Jesus Christ. He did take the others and the plane."

"He took the others just because they didn't practice your religion?"

Cartwright sighed. "Sir, I don't have a religion. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. A religion is something that we as corrupt humans have devised to try to earn acceptance with God. Simply put, sir, it's not what we can do but what He has done."

Les felt a strange tugging from inside. He hoped it didn't show on the outside. "I really don't know if I want to ask this or not, but if it's pertinent to the investigation I guess I need to know. What did Jesus Christ do?"

"God took on the form of human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ so he could identify with us and redeem us - to buy us back."

Les felt as if he shouldn't have asked the question, but it was too late. "To buy us back from who? From what?"

"From the devil. that's why he couldn't have me. I've been purchased by another. The purchase price was blood - the blood of God as He hung on the cross in the form of Jesus Christ."

Les was becoming nervous"Okay. Okay. I get it. Let's move on." You said you saw things telepathically. Like what?" In his mind, he was thinking of his telepathic experience with Trista. He knew it was more than a dream.

"Sir, the Navy has been doing underwater experiments off the coast of Bermuda. They literally rocked the underworld. The devil is loose, and he's looking for revenge.

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    © 2018 William Kovacic


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      • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

        William Kovacic 

        15 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

        Actually, Lawrence, I did use the Philadelphia Experiment as some of my inspiration.; I think these time warp things are interesting whether they're real or not. Glad you able to stop by. I always look forward to hearing from you.

      • lawrence01 profile image

        Lawrence Hebb 

        15 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


        This made me think of the 'Philadelphia experiment' where the US Navy tried to make a destroyer electronically 'disappear', but that experiment 'never happened' :-)

      • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

        William Kovacic 

        16 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

        Hopefully, there will be few surprises coming before we reach the end, Eric. Only time will tell. I'm not sure about the total truth of the videos but have heard it to be true. Like I told Lori, the internet never lies, right?

      • Ericdierker profile image

        Eric Dierker 

        16 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

        I am buying this whole deal with Les and Cartwright. But no matter how much faith I had I would not go back out there -- until you remember Trista.

        That drilling down story is hard to take, unless you consider they were all atheist communists. And then Cousteau?

        I reckon just before Thanksgiving this fits.

      • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

        William Kovacic 

        16 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

        Thanks, Bill. Wishing you and Bev the same!

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 

        16 months ago from Olympia, WA

        It is always a pleasure reading your work, fiction or non-fiction.

        Wishing you the Happiest of Thanksgivings!

      • lambservant profile image

        Lori Colbo 

        16 months ago from Pacific Northwest

        Aw thanks Bill. I sent you an email invite to follow.

      • lifegate profile imageAUTHOR

        William Kovacic 

        16 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

        You can take the video for what it's worth, Lori. It's supposed to have actually happened, but who knows. The internet doesn't lie, does it? Glad you were able to come by. I hope others who stop here will check out your new writer's site.(

      • lambservant profile image

        Lori Colbo 

        16 months ago from Pacific Northwest

        I was waiting for Christianity to show up and you brought it in so naturally. My goodness, Bill, I don't km\now if that last video is the real deal but it was sure unsettling. I am anxious to see what happens next. Les gets saved?


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