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Piles of Memory

There was a moment of love
When you touched my heart
With your little bare fingers
Throwing out all of my dirt.
There was a time of innocence
When I saw spark in your eyes,
You caught me like a hunter
And Imprisoned me in disguise.
When we got our full shape
You made me to kiss so tight
And kept the bed warm long
Even in last December night.
The more life becomes weary
The less you had time to call
But I lived a million of lifetime
In those moments after all.
Those were the happy hours
Which didn't last for long
Until the dark hours strike me down
And the happiness seemed gone long.
Flying on the high of Everest
When you were around
Now the world stopped spinning
Cause its you the world surround.
In my young time I was lost and mad
Running like a fool to and fro
To find your laughters and tears
Which I caused and let you go.
We made love in lonely street
Where we would utter our loveline.
Which one gained high and low
Now becomes a history of time.
I framed up all the moments
Which made me in love with you
But now i see you everywhere
Everything I touch, carries me to you.
All my Breath is whispering in silence
In the dark bloody room of your canvas
Prickles of your memory kills me inside
But I am still breathing like a cactus.
Now the clock has stopped and dead
Time has left me with nothingness
Every morning I wake up the same
And Every Night I die in breathless.
Tired enough to be driven by madness
As body gets numb and mind fades,
With the drunkenness of your memory
I complete my journey to death.