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Pile of Papers Drenched in Tears

Someday every pages of our books

Will be torn apart

The pages filled with love

Will disperse in woods

Where there is no one to read them

Every stories and memories of our lives

Will vanish and fade away

Then our soul will rip apart

As there’s no one to hear the truth

When the pages we all filled with screams

Were rolling on silent streets

Then our heart will rip apart

Because there’s no one to collect the pieces

Hundreds of pages written about dreams

Will slip through the window

And fly away in the sky

But we can not catch them as they’re bit too high

The book of pain

Packed with scars and tears

Will run down the feet of others

Then our heart will burst out of more pain

When the pages we loaded with tears

Soak in the ocean

And wear off all the tear marks

That hold our sorrows in them

And then

I won’t be able to remember your stories

Because the rain will wash away the ink

In just a few blink

You will never know my strain

And all the pain

As the pages were burnt in wild flame

So let us write something

That make all tongues go frozen

But keep their hearts tender

And forces their soul to surrender

But can we write something

That leave each of us stained


Not with the ink

But with the love sink

- Srushti Gamit


I gave you Book and Ink

I gave you book

with empty pages

I gave you ink of wisdom

to create and imagine on your own

And now I’m very curious to see what

You’ve made for yourself

And here you are transforming ideas from your head into reality

- Srushti Gamit


“Some books you read.

Some books you enjoy.

But some books just swallow you up

Heart and soul.”

— Joanne Harris

© 2021 Srushti Gamit