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Pieces of a Broken Vase

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Watched into the kitchen and found a shocking sight

Cat knocked over everything on the once organized counter

Leaving nothing but shards of glass, water and soggy snacks

A stark contrast to the manufactured fantasy for the decorating shows

No one would want to set foot inside that Category 4 disaster

Not even FEMA or the 6 O'clock news dared to enter

That's when you're fully aware that the structure of your reality

Is flawed from the inside out; they ring your doorbell and run away

Realized that it was better to let in only the trusted few

Worthy enough to see beyond the apparent flaws and lack of style

Ready to become more than a carefully crafted work of fiction

Creating a narrative that was actually the truth; albeit a polite version

No need to go for the jugular as soon as someone new entered the fold

Tried that once in a modest fashion with disappointing results

That ended up wasting over two years with little to show for it

Except endless hours of talking and questionable song lyrics

Washing the stink bomb of the past out of the carpet and linens

Eager to find a new chapter in life and home décor

Trying to find inspiration after multiple stumbling blocks

Some of a klutzy nature and rest from weaker individuals

Thought that life was meant to go in a traditional linear fashion

Travelling from the first plot point all the way to the soaring finale

Well, turned out to not be the case with a narrative full of detours

A demented version of Candy Land or Monopoly for the masses

Expecting their own Hollywood type designed success story

Without realizing that there was always an ellipsis after all that

An extra subpart tacked on the happily ever after rarely mentioned

Unless you turn on basic cable late at night for those types of stories

Current nationwide chaos forced upon a lot of reflective behavior

Realized that some actions might have placed part of the blame

On their direct doorstep for not being entirely truthful

With the offender and themselves in the long run

Cannot build a strong foundation on already shaky ground

Never certain whether it was all going to collapse any given moment

Rarely felt good enough to be in the same room

Definitely a bad way to plan a future with so much doubt

Time to find more clarity and certainty for the next venture

Even if it was just waking up to a better tomorrow for now.

Another mess to clean up.

Another mess to clean up.

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