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Pictures May Tell a Story (A Poem of Inspiration)


Over all of the ages, words upon the pages, tell a story or just to communicate,

The words to form fine pictures, within each mind, transcribed and to punctuate.

By the same token, words as unspoken may be greatly conceived by a picture,

Beauty perceived by the naked eye, presented in knowing why without conjecture.


Pictures on the page, a message or full of rage, explanatory in every detail,

Colors so radiant and of tact, poignant to be exact, as fine shapes prevail.

Whether forming moods of art, a language to impart, one of professionality,

Emotions shared from the heart, humanistic, to be a part, in its grand finality.

emotions to share...

emotions to share...

Finest pictures may spin a tale, all fantasy to prevail, cartoon-like, make us laugh,

Depictions of days of our lives, where every person thrives, displays on our behalf.

Visual spectrums of living, our gratitude in its giving, to our eyes a veritable feast.

Magnificent in every way, we see most every day, as our richness is so increased.

Our richness is so increased...

Our richness is so increased...

Pictures may paint a story, of an allegory, a political statement or response,

As common scenery, dismissed by so many, has no meaning, of nonchalance.

Best descriptive of humans, our kind, gives us a peace of mind, to all existence,

So the written, as well, in pictures, much more than just fixtures, a coexistence.

More than just a fixture...our words and pictures were meant to coexist...

More than just a fixture...our words and pictures were meant to coexist...

© 2016 whonunuwho

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