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Pick up the Dollar: A Poem

Halley is a man who wants to share his experience through writing. I am excited about new things, especially social relationships.



Pick Dollar

Occasionally, I want to know.
How long do you need
for that.

Occasionally smile,
do not scowl when I say hello.
For a brief encounter.

Just as usual.
I did not expect anything.
Do not be suspicious, eh?
See your forehead is getting wrinkled.
See your stomach almost like a clown.
Point me. Do not Suspect.

"Yes, I know you're looking for dollars
because you are a clever person.
however, more and more are feeling smart
no longer need the dollar, because, he could not get the dollar. "

They are smart but do not need dollars.
They are smart to feel most righteous.
They are clever cheats no longer tremble.
They are smart for their attention only briefly.
They are smart to speak, whose direction is lost.
They are smart No need dollars.
Feel the most, smart set around.

Everything has been infected, because it is invited to spin
On the uncertainty of the Dollar as the king of the currency.
The smart pointed to the dollar talking.
The smart ones make the dollar work.
The smart to be the dollar as his hero.
The smart ones use the dollar as a makeup.
The smart ones use the dollar to find answers.

I'll let you know. Bring your ear close.
You, them and Us. Please Appoint Me. Maybe, We're all Part of it.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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