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Picasso's Undiscovered Depression Grey Period

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Walking in a complete mental and physical haze

Slithering away from logic and reason with each passing day

Feet weighing more than the red brick attached to each one

Only need a little mortar before being placed in the wall

And sealed away where they could do less damage to the masses

Or the barely tread upon the cream carpet in the living room

Two useless appendages with no energy to spare

Body appearing calm and collected on outside

Internal circuit board is Lindsay Lohan after a marathon party

In Ibiza with the rest of the Hollywood glitterati

Real life pictured in black and white with the sound completely off

Technicolor not allowed for this motion picture juncture

The only dialogue is of the internal kind

Making sure that your closest friends and loved ones

Really say what they feel about you

Everything of course is filtered through a depression strainer

Only words are uttered are the ones translated

Through your faulty insecurity printer

With more than one screw loose underneath the pretty cover

Where everything comes in cloudy with a mix of hot tears

Nothing seems to be going according to plan

The need for some TLC translates to just Netflix and cuddling

Not always a bad thing to contend with

Just feeling like an anchor wrapped around the neck

Of everyone that truly matters

Picturing the ligature marks setting in rather quickly

Trying to put on a façade of sarcasm and strength

Failing miserably at being everyone else's emotional support beam

Developing a diet of sitcom reruns to cure this period of cerulean mourning

Only a temporary fix to a problem that not even Pablo could paint around

Working on a permanent solution to this issue

In meantime, Fran Fine and Will Truman will do the trick.

Something with a pretty covered and faulty wiring on the inside.

Something with a pretty covered and faulty wiring on the inside.

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