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Physically and Emotionally Outsourced

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Forced to wake up before any sunlight materialized

Roosters never even got up this early to crow

Annoyed and groggy at this development

Decided to follow the instructions to the letter

In an effort to not have to repeat them, since prep work brutal

Didn't want to have a sequel just yet

Needed time to rebound after this round of bizarre fun

If you were only a sadist who enjoyed sterilized environments

Resigned to the inevitable fate that the day brought on

No longer willing to stress or fight over this

Wanted to be done and dealt with in order to move on

Managed to check all of the boxes this time around

Tortured by food advertisements and coffee cups

Never looked so appetizing; even though you don't drink it

Resigned to the day ahead and left everything to the pros

All of the excitable thinking went by the wayside

Too early to have any rational thoughts generate

Closing eyes and allowing the happy juice to flow freely

The art of running out of steam never looked so good

An appealing model of reasonably attractiveness

Covered up the rough edged and temperamental nature

Put on an air of sunny and very chatty disposition

To mask the awkward silences and pauses on the car ride

Mostly the conversation was one sided and pretty much embodiment

Of unadulterated white noise gibberish on every scale

A lamb marched off to be slaughtered on a professional scale

Poked, prodded and treated like the Prom Queen in a generic gown

No special and jewel filled crown can be worn

Would set off metal detectors and make the other lambs jealous

Until it was their turn to receive the same treatment

Didn't feel so unique afterwards with the other contestants

Receiving the same talks and supposed accolades

No time to recover in the slightest in these times

Given crackers and juice before sent on your way

With a slightly doped up smile as you tried to walk

Surprised and relieved at some of the results

Expected to have to return here sooner than intended

Will take that process as it comes

Not worrying about for now

There were bigger fish to fry in the meantime.

Won't be receiving one of these today.

Won't be receiving one of these today.

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