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Physical Disenchantment of the Unnatual Kind

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Adulthood a reality that everyone wants

But cannot accept fully once it occurs

Graduating college at the age of 22

Eager to grasp at the unattainable moon

Overly loose lasso and all

Only owing $20,000 to Sallie Mae

Another $15,000 to two different relatives

Waiting to see what they're investment will amount to

A job teaching at a top notch Ivy League school?

A book deal or a talk show to become famously fabulous?

Wrong again.

Those endless hours of knowledge and books

About Plato and F. Scott Fitzgerald only conversation pieces

To get a decent paying job in the urban jungle

Masters Degree in Philosophy; only a paperweight

Closest occupation as cashier at Barnes and Noble

Weren't hiring at McDonald's and KFC thankfully

Forced to sideline dreams of superstardom and wealth in the daytime

Still fantasize about being a star with better everything

Pantene Pro-V type hair and off-the-rack everything

A new type of confident identity not afraid to jump off the proverbial cliff

No fear of falling face first into oblivion or getting laughed off life's stage

Fantasies of romance and adventure make sleeping hours more fun

Than the waking ones sometimes when time and snails go hand-in-hand

This 40 hour script needs a new storyline with a revived cast of characters

Living and working this dungeon making everyone too congested and depressed

Chips ahoy for everyone!

A good temporary reprieve; until the weekend arrives.

It's cookie time!

It's cookie time!

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