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Photographs-Reliving Moments from the Past

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Photographs - Relive Moments from the Past

Photographs - Relive Moments from the Past

Brenda Arledge has given the word prompt "Photographs" in "Word Prompts Help Creativity Week-33".

Brenda, a dear friend, and a wonderful poet, shares word prompts every week, inspiring us writers to put pen to paper and start writing our thoughts in the form of a poem, short story, or song. The only requirement is to relax and have fun writing.

Thank you, Brenda, for inspiring me to write.

This poem is in response to the word prompt "Photographs." I am late in responding to this prompt; better late than never.

Reliving precious moments from the past through photographs is a wonderful experience.

Photographs-Reliving Moments from the Past

Captured moments hanging on the wall

They smile through moments from the past

Seemingly they know I truly need and want

To relive happy moments and long for them to last

Alas, happy moments are but fleeting.

In mere seconds they vanish with a flare

As life goes on, my heartbeats keep depleting

Life's seconds lay before me threadbare

Photographs snapped in seconds now lay before me

Of happy moments blurred just as colors fade

I can see those picture-perfect moments

Soothe me with their smiles and warm embrace

Precious photographs now surround me.

Hanging on the walls, sitting on windowsills

They seem to shine a light to guide me

To relive happy moments that now standstill

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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