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Phoenix Rising


Phoenix In Me

Burning in the flames of my own sorrows,
Still hoping to have better tomorrows

The night so bright, the Sun have got hollow,
My thoughts so dark that my dreams got swollowed,

Pressure's so rising to shrink my brains,
Skills and my knowledge proven aren't enough,

Burning in the sky like a falling star,
Meeting the ground in ashes and apart

Now right from the ashes and shall I arise,
To greet all those tears, come to wish me goodbye,

Shall I cheer the flowers with a shining light,
And bring back the smiles on the faces those cried,

I'll wipe out the sorrows from thou's awful life,
And enlighten the souls all shiny and bright,

Will spread the colors of love and joy,
Pouring the life and make you alive,

When right from the ashes, from when I arise!

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