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Phoenix Rise

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Phoenix Rise

They said I couldn't do it.

They told me not to try.

They said that I would rue it,

That I'd even wish to die.

But I walked on through the fire.

I pressed on through the storm.

And soon began to tire

And e'en began to mourn.

My strength was at it's end.

My hope was all but faded.

I could no longer pretend

That I felt truly sated.

My very soul was in great famine.

My heart was plagued by draught.

In bitterness, I soured within

And shrouded my mind in doubt.

How could I fall so far?

I once stood on a mountain.

Now I've naught but a scar.

I'm less than I've e're been.

Then in my deepest sorrow,

There came a ray of light

That seemed to say tomorrow

I'll rise with greater might.

So I lifted up my eyes

And sprouted brand new wings,

Saying farewell and goodbye

To doubtful, cruel things.

I stood up on my own two feet

And smiled at the flames.

As they rose to meet me,

I laughed at the burn.

As they tried to kill me,

I knew that they could only ever set me free!

So my chains melted away

And my wings of fire unfurled.

The wind blew the ashes of pain away.

To the doubt, fear, and hate I closed my eyes,

And at last, began to rise!

You can set me aflame

And build up a pyre,

But you never will tame

My own inner fire.

And even when I'm buried in mire

And my last bit of strength dies,

Though my situation seems quite dire,

Like a phoenix, I will RISE!


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