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Philosophy of Satisfaction

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.

Do the challenge or sit and wait until something happen

Do the challenge or sit and wait until something happen

Philosophy of Satisfaction

We tolerate our past to pace for

Our future knowing today is wholly


it isn't a self help but merely

A lifes trolls of rumination

I watched people hurriedly

to the odd

Where I see nothing they see


I've seen people born and die

They were oh so different, beautiful, hankering

Seeking and Curious

Finding perfections and acceptance

Could be our greatest mistake

Some was born to swim yet

you'll see them fly assuming

They are birds

And some choose to swim

as if they are fish

You'll see them helpless

And hopelessly


That's what labels

And perfectionism

Do to someone who

Seek satisfaction

But got lost in odds of perfections

I hear the mourning unrest

wandered around my wonders

They seem to seek perfections for

that's what we're told to stand on

No matter how broad

Our knowledge

No matter how smart

We think we are

Seeking perfections is like catching wind

" A satisfied life is better than a

successful life. Because our success

Is measured by others. But our satisfaction

is measured by our own. Soul, mind

And heart. "

I've seen it in me

And these people around me

I act and treat my life as if

I am a jury and had forgotten

I was born

To be my own life defeater and detective

Mistakes and

My odds of perfection

I've recognized and consider

Them not dangerous

Nor an enemy

But a challenge to everyone

That we all need to overcome

Want to be rich? Be satisfied.

Being able to breath and having

A peaceful mind

A family who loves you,

A dog, and cat or a bird who wink

dance and sing to wake us up

early in the morning

And still able to witness the twilights

Surely is a perfect

priceless and satisfying


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