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Petal Scars


She is the surviving flower

That ground among the thorny ones.

Her brightly coloured petals

Make the bees buzz with felicity

The only colour that says life

Brings pleasantry to the

Deserted heart.

With the falling rains the buds

Disseminate wildly and mop the green lands.

When seasons are about to modify,

Her beautiful colours

With ladder wings fade to the blue sky

And she worries of what will become of her

Should the rainfalls disappear.

The thorny scent from the sunheat

Strangle her stiff, until her waist

Bends to the ground, kissing the cracking mud remains,

Left by the ones lovely rains- that

created a memory in her heart.

And she pleads with agony,

Until the fountain angel feels her wrath.

Calls her back to eternity and she works herself back to the Amber.


© 2022 Millicent Okello

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