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Perspective Shift (Poem)


In search of my own space,

that secret quiet inner place,

It lies deep within me,

what I must do, and free myself to be,

It is in everything I am, depth so deep,

which is beyond all sleep

Unlocking with my key,

all the parts, I need to be set free,

It is not what is outside,

nor in the outer limits tide

Protecting my peace,

all that is worrisome must cease,

Going to start afresh,

begin again anew,

Take that step backward, disconnect,

to attain ideals which are perfect,

No more flawed reflections,

but on point inspections

Transparency be true to me,

embrace all that holds me back, what I need to see

Sunrise, sunset, dusk, evening, midnight,

twilight, morn again I will rise!

To a new change, a perspective shift.