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Personification of Winter

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.



There is a new girl in school, sharp and cool,
who always wants to chill.

Soft snow-white tufts fluff her head
like puffed pillows
bunched upon a bed.

At night, she becomes my bitter enemy.
Her icy gaze glazes over me like tinted glass.
Her words send chills down my spine.

Yet, when the sun rises,
she shimmers and shines--
reminding me of beautiful moments.

Her presence fills a room,
bringing everyone closer--
into the light.

I'm not sure why,
but the hard work seems worth it.
It's not like she bites...

I think I rather like this girl,
the one with colorless skin--