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Personification of Love

Luke Holm earned bachelor degrees in English and Philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.


Loving a Woman

While the following poem was originally written for my wife, who was born in Crystal Lake (...born in a lake of crystals), "she" represents every single woman, mother, girl, and grandma to ever exist on planet earth. She is a force poignantly placed as the counterpoint to man. She is the support and strength of spirit and fortune in his life. He is the comfort and stability in hers.

Relationships can often be taken for granted. Don't get caught receiving without giving. Likewise, set boundaries for giving without receiving. Hard work and appreciation are bedrocks in a beautiful union.

Set yourself aside and spend time investing in the other. They are there for you. Now it's time for you to do the same for them. Recognize all that they give. Give back consciously, with your heart wide open.


Goddess of Gaia

I love a beauty born in a lake of crystals.
Her earthy eyes are emeralds forged with fiery desire.
Her laugh is the universe.
She is living elation.


Messenger of Love

Her voice channels the melody of Heaven.
God's gift and artistry,
everything about her is perfect.
She is the meaning of life.

Heaven on Earth

When she is around, the day glows with magical light.
Everyone awakens as she dances into their lives--
twirling free from limitations
and reviving joy in the heart of humanity.

Beautiful Body

I dare not mention the sensual curves that outline her body
for fear of breaking the internet.
Know this, though, that she is more magnificent
than any Greek goddess preserved in polished stone.

Warrior Woman

Equally fierce, she is an Amazon warrior,
a survivor.
She grows stronger every single day,
moving in upward spirals that radiate worldwide.


Reflection of Love

She is the bloomed flower floating in a sea of seeds,
sitting delicately under a quiet spotlight;
shy, but wanting a friend
with whom she'll share all her soul and infinite passion.


I wish to be that counterpart,
the one who never leaves
her heart untended--
a blended creation of something new.


Making Relationships Work

I'm seven months married, but have been with my wife for seven years in total. We were made for each other, intimately connected in every way. While our relationship is strong, that doesn't mean it's always flourishing.

Regardless of ups and down, we have an understanding. We talk, we share time together, we express our love for each other. Even on our worst day, it's better than any moment without her.

Relationships take time and effort. Be true to yourself as to whether you are ready for the give and take of another's energy field. You'll share your life. You'll have to be selfless. You'll have to be honest with your partner and yourself.

It's important to always see your loved one from a fresh perspective. Recognize their unique perspective and consciousness. Let them live their life freely. Support them. Learn from them and encourage their best.


Label Your Dates

It's important to get up and moving. Don't get couch-locked. Get out of the house. Do something, anything. It doesn't have to cost money. It can be a walk or a talk. Listen to music. Play a game. Go explore.

Anything can be a date if you want it to be. Just labeling an afternoon a "date" will bring a special quality to the time spent together. Sharing experiences is a must for a healthy relationship.

So, if you're going to relax, you better make that a relaxing date. Relax to the utmost potential, but do it together.


Connect in Small Ways: Have a Thing

Something that makes a relationship more fun is having a special connection with your partner. Do you do anything to connect with your partner? What do you enjoy doing together?

Leave little notes. Hide messages. Read a book together. Get creative. Get athletic. Get educated. Your thing doesn't have to be the same all the time. You can switch it anytime you want. Just do something to connect in small ways.


Be True To Each Other

Talk openly and honestly. It's important to feel free to show your humanity. Acting too cool will create a barrier of insecurity or the illusion of arrogance. It really comes down to being completely comfortable with yourself. If you don't know who you are, the relationship is going to reveal some pretty unique things about you.

It's important to have a good grasp on your true self before entering into a relationship. If you are living behind a mask, one of two things will likely happen. First, the mask will eventually come off. The person beneath might not be what the other person was looking for. Worse, you might create another mask or a mask for your partner, further hiding from the ego.

Depending on how close you want to become to the other, you may want to tell them our secrets. Being completely transparent is liberating. Sometimes we can barely handle our own demons. When we trust and allow other to peer in on our lives, it can lessen the burden and remove guilt from even the darkest of places.

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