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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Don't let false perceptions fool you as once they did me

Not so long ago in another galaxy of existence

Putting things in their proper place to get organized

Nothing to do with finances of any sort of nature

Taken stock in recent days and decided to pull trigger

Metaphorically speaking, of course

No desire to be on Dateline or a trashy daytime program

Decided to put the past away after putting it on display for too long

No longer interested in reliving it in any capacity

Put through the paces after too many rounds in the ring

Sore, bruised and battered after going against a ruthless contender

About no one in particular; just a barrage of faces all blurred together

Into one complex amalgamation where nothing was clear

Only lines, shapes and a few colors existed

Wasn't important to think about the specifics anymore

Too much water flew through the broken dam

Ground waterlogged and soil muddied all over

Given up interest in trending backwards to Nowhere, U.S.A.

Population: one interested party and one departing from landscape

Focused on singular pursuits for time being after so much roughness

Politeness and courtesy went out the door with everything else

Society of pretense under hostility and lack of decorum

Given up the need to pretend anymore

Cost too much time and effort to put on a show like that

Felt more of a show pony than a human being

Took the plunge and closed the door finally

Kept it open for a lot longer than it should have been

Put a padlock on it and put away the need to open it again

No use in repeating broken habits that led to nothing

Except disappointment and strained efforts to impress

Bending over backwards to please Mount Rushmore

Stone-faced and unmoved by such over the top efforts

Occasionally showcased subtle emotional irritation

Nothing more and nothing less

Didn't expect a big song and dance number

Just some effort of doing more than going through motions

Focused on finding footing and someone who could

Do more than play an adult version of pretend

Hiding behind smoke and mirrors to avoid the truth

Loved the idea, but not putting theories into practice

Time to focus on what was in the mirror before going outward

Farewell, to the person I once was

And who I once believed they were

Sick of make-believe tales; looking for the real thing

Whatever that may be.

Images unchanged by time and circumstances.

Images unchanged by time and circumstances.

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