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Personal Rx Plan for Newfound Happiness

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Coming out of a long overdue fugue state of existence

A walking pharmaceutical zombie that only doctors love

To shove large quantities of prescription pills at

In an effort to placate the vicious emotional waves within

Originally slated for a short term stint as a medical vegetable

Unable to think or behave with a consistent personality

Everyday a different psychopath reared its ugly head out of bed

Ready to slay the day and anyone that looked at them wrong

After close to 90 days, ready to face the corporate labyrinth once again

With a relatively clear head full of hopes and rather vivid daydreams

Hard to fathom the intensity of these stirring fantasies after burying them

For a lot longer than originally intended in the first place

No longer an automaton pretending to be a flesh and blood individual

Becoming a lot more sentimental than once was

Not romantic comedy cliché level but close to scraping the surface

Of such material that would fit in one of those Hollywood trifles

Ready to trip the MGM light fantastic, but unable to burst into proper song

The universe prevented the gift of carrying a decent tune

A misfortune that would make Rodgers and Hammerstein relieved

That their material won't be ruined by someone more tone deaf

Than another bad America Idol audition played for amusement

Instead have devolved into a perpetual hugger

Eager to squeeze those they care about the most within reason

Don't want to appear to be to be a Stage Five clinger

That requires another doctor's appointment and a stronger pill

To shut down that sentiment for good

Tired of being a walking drug company advertisement

Looking to be an active, reasonably sane member of society

Or at least pretending to act the part for now to see how it goes.

Time to create your own prescription for happiness.

Time to create your own prescription for happiness.

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