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Mothers Calling You

As a student at Appalachian University, Joshua is a young artist, aspiring film maker, and passionate writer.


Mothers Calling You

By Joshua Foley

You're tossing in the sparkling blue

Gliding over glazed stone and with it

Toppling as you set one foot in front of the other

It's all so new, and yet, mother's calling you

Remembering her eyes

You begin holding on to how she held you

It's torture finding guide as needed breath dies

The flood of memory is your alibi due

And so it is what you'll be remembered by

You've never been washed to tears

But as you writhe presently in fear,

She's choking you to desperation

The mere power of love seems futile in frustration

You have just enough energy for one more try

You gather strength and slice the current with unforeseen might

But in spite, it views eternity, and seems only to pause in sympathy

In the end, her call continues

There's nothing more to do

But to be reassured by the past

Truly nothings ever meant to last

The sky oranges, the clouds fade

She comes across your body lying in the sand

Looking the way you did

The day mother made you


© 2020 JoshuaFoley