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Personal Freedom My Own Style: A Poem


I'm calling myself a "happy rebel"

writing against paradigm for a fun

turning over each rock and pebble

for an alternate truth if there is one.

Intellectual freedom is my main theme

with sheer will-muscle to reclaim my mind

un - hypnotized from every imposing scheme

to personally evolve into some more desired kind.

Suggestive input, all contradictory and crazy

with no clear guidelines that we could follow

makes the total of our reality somewhat hazy

with an inner call to ignore it and to play it solo.

Someone has said:"You can't hardly ever go wrong

by accepting opposite from what authorities say"

no matter how it appears convincing and strong

for, it's nothing but good old suggestion at play.

"Repeat it long enough and a lie becomes true"

we're exposed to many never challenged ones

cultural paradigm telling us what to think and do

religions patronizing us as "daughters and sons".

Long time ago I discovered this pleasure

to turn most suggestive, "obvious" around

so often coming across some real treasure

of unexplored truisms which would astound.

How else could it be seen, I might wonder

and could I feel about it a different way

is there an alternative world, I ponder

something new to think each day.

© 2021 Val Karas

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