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Person Who Performs First Would Become Onlooker Later #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Those people who had talked with him thought he

Is stubborn, heady and obstinate. They leave him to

“Knock himself out” for he will soon regret his decision

And would return to them. He however did

Not change and continued in what he is doing trusting

That one of all his efforts would click one day. Though

He decides to continue but occasionally the words

Spoken to him by his friends would come back to his

Mind and he would want to back off what he has been

Doing. He continued like this until a day that he

Meets someone who is also an internet guru who has

Recently been making waves in the island from his

Blog sites. During the short interaction that he had

With the man he discovered that earning from the social

Media sometimes is not a straightforward matter because

He himself did not start earning from his blog sites

Until he has been operating the blog site for about five

Years. The man says there are times that he will take leave

Off the site because he was thinking things ought to

Have changed financially for him. After weeks of leave

He will return to the site again. He has been operating the

Site on “on and off” basis like this until recently that

Things start to change for him through the site. He concludes

His word with him that anyone who plans to invest on

Blog site or any social media, such a one would have to

Exercise some patience because unlike the adverts on the

Social media, earning from the social media is not a straightforward

Thing. After parting from the young man, he becomes

Motivated by his word and continues with what he has been

Doing, if he can make it through his blog sites, one day, I will

CELINE DION - If That's What It Takes

Also make it from what I am doing on the internet he reasoned

It was a surprise for him one day when he receives an alert

From one of his social media investments. As things changed for

Him financially he started doing what has eluded him for

Years and would again form philanthropy outreach for the indigent

In the society and started teaching people on forex trade and how

They could become a good blogger. People were amazed at the

Changes they noticed in his life, for they had all the while been thinking

That all his investments were internet hoax, which he ought neither to

Dabble into nor invest in by his poor background. He now has

Money and could boost his normal business with some of the income

From his blog sites which make him to be a leading business person

In the island. Since he has been talking with money, those who

Have been looking down on him before have started to sing a new

Song about him. They are feeling sorry for all the horrible words

They have said to him and about him. What they are saying is

They have learnt from him, the lesson is whatsoever anyone feels

Believes and he is convinced that it is a good venture, the person

Should under no guise stop doing the thing, because what

Looks bleak today, what others do not see today, may become a

Bright thing tomorrow with manifold rewards….