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Person Who Performs First Would Become Onlooker Later #2

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Having resolved this, people continue to call them

“Fraternal twins” during their studentship days.

First twin was studying agriculture while the second

Twins was studying engineering. But the second

Twins had problems with his academics at his final

Year and would not graduate with the first twin

And his course mates. After the graduation of the

First twin he secured job with the island government

He rises gradually there got married and becomes a

Person who could not be brushed aside in the society

While doing this, he was unable to assist his second twins

Because of the family challenges and other challenges which

He must fulfill. The set back that the second twin had

Really affected him, his aspiration, views, plans, future.

His fiancée had to leave him during his trying moments.

He encouraged himself and started trying so many

Things because he could not secure employment with

The certificate on him immediately. Thus, he tried to

Make use of the advance technology by exploring

Different opportunities that present itself on the social

Media he registered for forex trade but because he

Lacked deeper insight into the market he lost all

His investments. He is a die-hard optimist and would

Not give up easily he thence reinvested in the forex

Albeit not with huge amount, he continued to explore

Other avenues as an engineer that present itself on the

Social media including having a blog site where he shares

Technological experiences and other things to the

World. it was, however, sad that all these investments

Never yielded any dividend as he has expected. He was

Spending out of the meager money on him but he was

Not receiving any amount back. Friends including the first

Twin started looking down on him, talking to him to think

Pascal Letoublon - Friendships

Deeply about what he is doing for what is the benefit

Of what he is spending money on that is not bringing

Gains to him, he is running at a loss, they said. He needs

To leave the work, and concentrate on the small

Investment that is yielding him dividends now, that is

What a sensible man would do, they said to him about

This. Having heard all their counsels he thanked them

But would not change from what he is doing. He did not

Listen to them because he says, diversification is the

Rule of the game now, to make it in life now, one

Needs to diversify his investments for the business they

Think is yielding him money now, in the future it may

Not yield money as expected again, for there are

So many businesses that have suffered like that in this

Age of technological advancements. When such happen

In the future, then he will start looking for other

Investments which means one would be starting from

The scratch, to build things from the scratch then may

Not be easy. He thence resolves within himself that

It is better he continues to invest and lose now, learning

How it works than waiting till the future to start to learn it.

When people noticed that he has made up his mind to

Continue in what he is doing, they leave him alone while some

Distanced themselves from him and won’t assist him when in need


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