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Person Who Performs First Would Become Onlooker Later #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



The duo has been living together

Since their childhood days in the

Neighborhood. After their high school

They secured admission into the

Same university and were living in

Same room in the hostel, other students

Called them, “twins” for them seem

Inseparable, where you see one, you will see

The other, if the other is not at the scene,

Be sure that he is not far off. Other students

Having known they are not twins cannot but ask

Them if they are begotten by same parent or

Maybe they are cousins or nephews and they

Are usually stunned when they hear that they

Were neither of the same parents nor genetically

Related. Other students would say their relationship

Is unique while some would say they must have been

Friends in the world beyond and some would say when

When they first come to the earth they were given

Birth to by the same parents. In some other people’s

Responses to them not being of same parent, they would

Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans - Count On Me

Say they were not only given birth to by the same parents

But they were actually twins when they were begotten those

Days and have belonged to the group of one percent identical

Twins that share the same placenta and sac when in their

Mother’s uterus. It was because of this that when they have

Been given birth to in the world again by different parents

That they have decided to be friends, having things in

Common, viewing life from the same perspective and at

Times seeing themselves as having previously lived together

As some psychologists have posited. When they raise

Objections to this, and say maybe it is their location that

Has influenced this, their friends would reply that they

Had implored the Supreme Being when coming to

The world again through different parents that he in

His magnanimity should allow their parents to live close

Live in the same neighborhood and some have added

That even if they were living in different places and islands

That they are sure that they will still come together somehow

Anyhow and would become exceptionally good friends as they

Have been now. It may be through their education, work,

Parents, other friends and even through their wives.

For there have been people brought together by

Their spouses and they have become wonderful, and

Inseparable partners in all things. By this they used to

Silence the twins. They also sometimes

Do feel that they must have been brought together by

Power that is beyond their own, and sometimes would

View they had once existed in the world before as

Some of their friends have rightly said.