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Perplexed but Not in Despair



Perplexed but not in despair

I was once drowned in the ocean of sorrows

I lost sight of the world around me

I got sinked—with quite baggages and heavy thoughts

Perplexingly wander, with the non-existence of light and direction

My consciousness was stuck in the in-between

It was their but t'was missing at the same time

Grasping for air, I folded my numb knees

I talked with Him, whom known me and my inequities marvelously

In the moment of twisted faith, of dull silver lining

I found hope and unfathomable love in his presence

Until the end, I have never lost my breath

Instead, I felt my heart berserkly pounded

That is zilch but an aftermath of my endless realizations

There is One who will always reach for my lifeless hands;

and unleash me from the darkness of the ailing ocean floor

Surely this time, I'll forever seek for His glorious will in my very lovely existence

No longer I'll be drown,

No longer I'll be set apart

I am persecuted and perplexed,

Yet forgiven and a million far from despair.

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