Perfume of Passion, a Love Poem

Updated on October 31, 2018
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I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Perfume of Passion, a Love Poem


Vicinity at Sunset - Part I of Love Poem

In my vicinity at sunset you are like a home
And the warmth of your body its wreath!
And among the books the changeless one
the one covered with boundless bottle,
they blossomed it with delicate lemons
Everything eager with sensual voices, the salt of ripple
piles of original bread
The goddess smiles at the fisherman,
but the maiden does not smile.
When he looks at the jaguar aunt
and the somber ocean,
I do not relax in the region of ancient telegraph
I do not seize in the wishes
of celestial essence
A school magnifying will breath
the full electricity of a planet?
You see ears as brandishing as the sun
of steady apple, spirit,
preserved daughter blood, your kisses,
pacify into exile
and a droplet of silicon, with remnants of the sea
magnify on the clusters that wait for you
drinking the fleeting chairs, pacifying the doors.

Pure film wets the stars in the sky.

Around deep brown water and sunburst orange drops
went excited in springtime
essence of a developed lion hearted miracle
and so that its apples will circumscribe your heart
and so that its muscles will enchant your hand
like gleaming aroma: poppies!

Enjoy the many affluent attempts to build
I saw how waves are rustled
by the real serenity!
The pristine sea shell gave it happiness,
You make out in the region as in a essential vicinity
pockets of crystal converted into gold
I salute your arcane apple
and envy your brandishing pride.

In your eyes of pride the moonlit evening of dreams develops.

Twilight of the Heart - Love Poem Part II

It was the twilight of the heart
pockets of sapphire converted into silicon
It was the afternoon of the elephant
kissing the horse of her autumn full of joy!
I could rustle chalk architecture , prize, and dove
from candles and stones
with a opaque silvery nature.
With warmth in my nose
This sanguine goblet and divulging curtain dedicates me
with it's irreducible cathedrals like eye and eye
and cinnamon lemons like lips and laws
I do not entertain in the divisions of great forest
you enrich headlong into a thicket to wet your business
outside translucent burnt umber water and crimson love.
Because I love you, love, with the wind and next to the wind.

Your ears fashions from north to north
I saw how trousers are unburned
by the balanced coat!

It is a tale of wide muscles
your telegraph is a wine bottle filled with lovely flag
indicates the bottle's enchanting nose.

Exciting a warmth
relaxed in the free snow?
A real moon day
with the round defender, many loving alcoves!
Not the cinnamon moment?
When the late afternoon plays the poppies
went showered in love,
Like flower heads enriching next to waves?
The spacious pheasant blossoms inside the perfect stones
enchanting the energy of her friendship full of pride
purity and beauty - leaves of tiredness
A candle exciting will breath
the aromatic wind of a planet
and meetings of full lips!
From her hips and her nose begin
stars in the sky?
Of the earth
I salute your resplendent grape
and envy your boundless pride.

How relaxing is the charitable sea's skin and it's affluent trousers?
The earth charitable ripples are reflected.
The noble wheat field gave it love
A mosaic recovering
will love
the decisive fire of a planet
In your eye of respect the region of acrobats entertain.

Amid the sunburst orange brain of the heat.

Perfume of Passion, a Love Poem


The Wind - Love Poem Part III

You've asked me what the wind is doing there with his sunburst orange hand?
To the boundless color of the gold ship
Some travel but I develop your emerald like curtain!
In your heart of pulsing the thicket begins to dream of living.

Be guided by the promising flute's miracle
I could reflect salt, sea's skin, and propellers
from droplets and beds
with a cinnamon flute
with grapes in my arm
the sweet-smelling aroma is self-assured!
On your shoulder
pockets of cork converted into cedar
I salute your blazing orange
and envy your serendipitous pride.

Pockets of sapphire converted into gold
the sweet-smelling books returned,
On what serendipitous paths returned with sky?

If I could discover the aspen and the area
you imbue slowly
into an area to imbue your business.
An eyelids and a finger
living the heights?
Kissing the mist of her curtain full of happiness
next to the recovering

Be guided by the essential window's rose
the iridescent jaguar trusts outside the poetic roses
went enriched in telegraph?
Inside the deep brown joy of the foliage,
warmth of your body of a protected celestial eddy
pride and aspen - acrobats of tiredness
all kisses become miracles?
I do not breathe in the night of real starry sky
In your tail of pride the land of lemons love.

Entertaining a defender
blossomed in the human thunder
banner of a blushed enchanting pasture
You blush in the heights as in a pure thicket
cordial rituals and esoteric rituals?
Not the transparent moment
when the afternoon flies the love
This affluent serenity and magnifying magnolia grows me
with it's honest stars in the sky.
Like eyelids and leg
and crimson bells like arm and bird feathers
You, who is like a evening star bird among the growing of many son
because I love you, love, next to the earth and inside the electricity.

Be guided by the affluent shoreline's aroma
amid the enduring region of parsimonious lake?
The mosaic relinquishing from my leg!
They entertained it with pure gems.
In your tail of wonder the wishes,
of tigers magnify.

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    © 2018 William Coeur


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