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Perfect Woman?

A writer, environmentalist, marketer and an Idealist. And mother to a cute pink nosed labrador.

Why as a women we are expected to be perfect?

Know how to cook, take care of the house, take care of your in laws, your husband, friends, be nice to every person you meet in the world.

And by mistake if you dare tell your limits or tell no for anything, then you are a freaking bitch with an attitude.

Said no to the boy!
Girl has too much attitude or is a lesbian

Said I want to take my own decision to parents.
Girl should have never been allowed to study.

Said no to your in laws for anything.
Parents have not taught the girl manners.

Your husband fights with your in laws.
Girl is influencing the son and corrupting the boy!

Is the boy still a "boy" after marriage and not a "man", incapable of taking his own decisions?

What if she does not know how to cook? What if she does not know to organize the house?
What if she does not know how to clean? Or know to apply makeup!

She is still perfect. She is perfect not for you but for herself!
And that is the end of the story.

© 2022 Aarti Nair