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Perception of A Woman

Kristina is a pen name used by Nicole, she is a registered agriculturist, 22 yrs old and has a passion in writing poems and short stories.

Perception of A Woman

Was it the smell of a sweet salty wind?
Or just the soft sound of an ocean wave.
Was it the alluring song of a humming bird?
Maybe it was just the smile of the morning sun.

"Dug Dug. Dug Dug." her heart beats drastically,
Eyes against eyes, their soul meets as one,
As an early fogs set beneath the earths ground,
Then goes two weird stranger meets love.

Was it a dream? A question from a careful soul,
For that moment felt so doubtful and surreal,
But that clueless creature knows this little thing,
That whatever happens, true love deserves the risk.

When a mans sincerity pours, love is the truest,
For a mans honesty can be reflected from his action,
It wasn't the perfect place that made her fall,
It wasn't the beauty of a flower not even his words.

Skies doesn't need to be the bluest, let it be at its darkest,
Let the sun fall asleep and the wild wind blows,
For the truest intention of a man lies within his eyes,
This is a sole perception of a woman towards mans love.

© 2019 KristinaMurciano

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