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Writing Articles is my dream.I have been writing for many years. but I think working on this site would be better.

Have you ever sat under the dark heaven with scattered stars all around ,having a cup of coffee and wondered what it's like to be in utter loneliness?
For some it may gonna look like a dark ink streaming on a book fell filled with white specks.
But for me It's a bit different 'cause it's just a matter of perception .
To me it's like radiant luminosity tearing apart the utter darkness of firmament and claiming its existence.
All you see is darkness but no-one recognizes the luminosity, it's just like us we acknowledge the worth of a person by what we see in-streaming rather than what we should see!
They are miles apart unconditionally alone,but still burning brighter .
If you want to ask what it's like to be a loner just look at them!
If you think you are nothing without someone ,you had better look at their existence and believe you are more than what you could ever be with someone.
Remember, everything around you wants you to know : you are more than what you believe 'cause you are rare and no-one can substitute you . And mark that thing in your memorandum that you came alone and you'll go alone .
Alone is better than being with someone and missing your own identity .
And most importantly:

"​You need you"
It's definitely gonna differ from yours because it's my acuity .
And always believe : "you are a shining solo "


© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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