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People Often Forget Me. Will You Remember Me?

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

by Gianella Labrador

Written: March 27 2022

People often forget me.

Will you remember me?

How well do you know me?

My words, can you remember them?

People often forget me.

My identity, my story.

Am I just a nobody?

I exist but no one remembers,

That I was there.

Everyone seems to be having fun.

Should I just run and walk away?

They wouldn’t mind anyway.

Will you still remember me?

Not just because,

I insisted to tell you who I am.

Little things matters.

They make me happy.

But, after everything I reminded you about

Why can’t you remember me?

Constantly reminding you

Things you forget and reminding you to be better.

Always on the side,

Just in case you need the ‘call a friend’ option.

Suggestions, opinions, advice, a reminder.

Even a shoulder to cry on.

Still, I wonder.

How can people forget me?

Constantly inspiring and encouraging tons.

When I myself is struggling and is needing one too.

To be inspired and get encouraged.

Spreading happiness and positivity.

Lifting someone’s spirit up.

Sending a helping hand to someone in need.

Out of a hundred random people.

There’ll always be this one person that’ll stay by your side.

Be your ally and someone to hold on to.

Still people tend to forget who I was.

People often forget me.

What do you remember about me?

Can you remember anything?

I can be an extra at a film.

I can also be a ghost writer.

But will people recognize and remember me?


Without my presence,

How great or little will it affect you?

Will you miss me?

My importance to you.

How much does it matter?

When you can’t even remember me.

What if I started to forget things too?

Who will be there to remind me?

When I’m the one to constantly remind you

Who I am, and what I am to you.

What if I suddenly forgot my story and my identity?

Who will be there to narrate it for me?

When I always have to introduce myself to you.

When I always have to present myself to you.

How can you remember me?

When you can’t even remember my name.

How can I possibly remember everything for you?

Do you think I’m that great?

If I am the person to always remember things for you,

Will that prevent you from forgetting me?

Or do I also have to always introduce myself to you?

My presence.

My significance.

My impact to your lives.

How much do you value it?

True, you can’t remember everyone.

Especially, the quiet ones.

People who works on the shadows.

One who are in charge of the little details.

So little, you can’t recognize how important their jobs are.

Just because you don’t see how tough these jobs are in reality,

Doesn’t mean they also don’t exist and that they aren’t important.

Everyone plays a vital role in a society to function well.

Even down to the most distinct and out of the world job ever.

You don’t usually recognize and remember them.

But they matter and they are important to our society.

Will I ever be remembered for who I really am?

Will anyone remember the words stated at my works?

How will they even remember me?

What are the things that people will be reminded of about me?

People often forget to recognize and acknowledge me.

Who am I to them anyways?

After everything,

The memories, the bond, the relationship that was built.

I’d get, “Who is she again?”

I can remember everything about it because I was there.

But people will get back to me and say:

“How’d you know that? Were you there too?”

I was there responding and having fun with them.

But just like in films when it gets released,

It always seem I get edited out or removed from the scenes.

People will remember everything.

Who were the people with them, what happened, everything.

Except the fact that I was there.

As if I was always being erased from their memories.

People always tend to forget me.

I wonder what people say about me.

What stories do they tell about me.

If there’s even any.

Will you still remember me?

As days, weeks, months, years pass by?

What will you tell people about me?

I hope it’s good.

Just whatever you can remember.

I just hope it’s not:

“Who is she again? I don’t even know her.”

People often forget me.

In time, will you be able to remember me?

Take notes of my favorites; songs, meals, places,

Things that makes me happy and jolly.

What makes me laugh and excited,

What gets me sad and frustrated.

What gets me stressed and exhausted.

What calms me down and feel relaxed.

One that remembers the day I was born.

Little things I might even forget,

But feels great when one remembers for me.

There’ll be days when I can’t even remember myself too.

How I was, what I am for, who’s the person I’m portraying now?

Sometimes I couldn’t recognize myself too,

But I have to remind myself of how to be my casual and usual self.

The self that I know and I can remember.

It’s hard and frustrating when,

People rely on you the most to remember things for them.

Suddenly you start forgetting things as well about yourself.

How will you be able to remind them now ?

The efforts you exerted on to,

Often doesn’t get any credits or get recognized/acknowledged.

On top of it, they can’t even remember who you are.

Who are you anyway?

People would casually say.

With their fake tattoed eyebrows waving.

If you were to bump into me across the crowded street,

Will you be able to recognize me?

Will you remember me even with face mask on?

People often tend to forget about me.

How will you introduce me to those who have known me,

But have forgotten me?

When will it ever come to you, that I’m important too.

That without my presence, there’s a huge void to fill in.

When it comes to a “ what can you say about this” emergency,

You should know who to call, and guaranteed you’ll get something.

People will forget me most of the time.

But I hope, you’ll be one of those that remembers.

That is if I trully matter to you.

That I’m not just a shadow and not just a nobody.

I am someone that has its own identity,

and can’t be replaced or mistaken for anybody.

If you can’t remember me,

It’s alright.

Who are you anyway?

People often forget me.

Will you remember (for) me?


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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