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People Hate Me

I can feel the feelings of others therefore I can write about how they feel in their real life experiences.

People hate me

They hate

That is my fate

They hate

Because I don't lack

Knowledge to participate

Against the plans they make

But I don't hate

About the steps they take

Because I am not a waste

I have the power to participate

They try to compensate

After the bold steps I make

I make my own state

They try to locate

They give me a date

But they are always late

They hate, hate and hate

But I have a good fate

Yes I have a good fate

Okay, there is more

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Against me they stand

But I have my great band

They try to trap

They show their back

I let this happen

Because I know

They always bow.

© 2020 Fahad Malik

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