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People Sleeping Too Much ~ Is it Time to Worry?

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

People Who Are Excessively Sleepy~Is it time to worry?

Ever been with someone who always dozes off and falls asleep?

Why are they always sleepy, I wonder.

May it be in transit, or waiting in the line.

They fell asleep as fast as shinkansen.

When is time to worry?

Maybe their soul has been feeling weary lately.

When is it time to seek for help?

We know too much sleeping is a coping mechanism.

It can be something’s been bothering you for the time being.

That problem you are carrying has been lingering for so long.

Too much sleeping can be seen as escaping stressful thoughts.

Just like people who drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Frustrating is when you can’t sleep so much yet get interrupted sleep more.

Insomnia is no joke when your whole body is tired but you can’t sleep.

In some cases, people would fall asleep as if they have fainted.

Usually when escaping stressful and extreme confrontations.

Too much to handle emotions they can’t control of,

Exhausts them so much more than what they already are.

It’s alright to feel sleepy at times.

Maybe you just didn’t get enough sleep the day before.

But if it gets frequent like more than 3 times a week,

Get yourself checked or take time to unwind.

Take time to take care of your brain and mind.

While it’s still functioning the way it should be.

Your body is telling you something you shouldn’t ignore.

Listen to it.

There are some people, always so sleepy.

When you talk to them, they answer “yeah sure.”

But in reality their head is bombarded and filled with air.

They don’t understand you completely.

They didn’t hear you properly and clearly.

Their mind is resisting all information as its already full in storage.

The easiest way to respond?

Say “I don’t know.”, “Maybe.”

Next thing you know, they are back to sleeping with a little snoring.

I’m kind of worried to these people.

They absolutely need help.

One day, they might completely lose it.

You barely can’t tell if they are conscious or not.

That’s one face of how depression looks like.

Although I ain’t a doctor nor psychologist.

I just wonder if things are going wrong.

When I see something strange.

There are some who almost everyday sleeps more than 15 hours a day.

Watch how they sleep, are their face crumpled? Are they frowning?

Travelling back to memory lane or series of dreams happening.

Sometimes you’ll see they are tearing up.

Will they be alright? Should I worry?

Maybe sleep is the only thing they need the most to feel better at least.

It’s a habit I’m scared to catch.

Even be influenced to live like that.

It’s terrifying and worrisome.

Their state of mind can be easily manipulated.

If you are tired, try to relax.

If you have been feeling tired even with plentiful sleep,

Seek professional help or some spiritual advice.

You need to lessen the baggage you are carrying.

Especially if it’s becoming too heavy to carry.

Saying goes,

“You can’t hold on to a full glass of water both hands for so long.”

You eventually would have to place it down.

Never keep your frustrations broiling deep inside you.

It will just drive you nuts and if it explodes,

You’ll never be happy with how it’s gonna turn out.

Let it all out, shout and cry if you are in pain.

Every humans do that. Regardless of the gender.

Don’t keep the toxins in your body.

May you all find a good sleep.

Be happy and manifest thoughts that you are grateful for.

Let’s all help one another and be more gentle.

Life is already harsh in so many ways.

Let’s inspire and motivate others so they’d find strength in everything they do.

If you feel tired along the way, it’s always alright to take breaks.

There is no need to pressure yourself to keep up with others.

When you barely can’t anymore.

Find a routine to help fix your sleeping pattern.

Mine is a little disrupted and will try to fix it as well.

Mental health is as important as Physical and Psychological Health.

They can’t function properly if one doesn’t. It interconnects one another.

Taking into consideration all that, let’s not forget to boost our Spiritual Health too.

Maybe it’s just what we need in order to completely heal.

Time will come, were you can sleep peacefully, so light and only pure happiness in your heart.

May you find that peace of mind and to finally let go of all things that’s been a burden to you.

God bless you always!

Stay safe and hydrated.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador