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Penitence: I Was Wrong



I’m sorry

For when I’ve spoken ill of you

For when I’ve encouraged jealousy

For when I have laughed at you

You have made me happy

Helped me smile and laugh

Thank you for bearing me

For not giving up on me

I don’t think I deserve you

But you still walk with me

Because you aren’t aware

That I am a horrible friend

Would you still stay?

If you knew what I’d done

Would you stay?

If I’d still want you

Will you forgive me?

For what I’ve done to you

For I’ve made you cry

For I’ve ruined your days

It was unfair for you

For I was always diabolical

But can we be friends again?

Can we start all over again?

They say karma pays

If you choose to leave,

I’ll let you go

Because I know

You must let go of the worst

I was pretending to be the best for you

But I feel I was the worst

I want to undo the things I’ve done

When I did you bad

When I hated you

While all you have done

Is wish the best for me

Can I re-establish the trust you never lost?

Can you be my friend again?

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