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Pendulum Swings Mark the Passing of Lost Time

Phyllis loves to write poetry. Most of her poetry is of a spiritual or inspirational nature. She finds it can reach out to help others.

Swing of the Pendulum

Foucalt Pendulum

Foucalt Pendulum

Pendulum Swings

Pendulum swings mark the passing of lost time,
it also marks the passing of many lifeforms on Earth.
With each swing of the pendulum another chance is gone,
a chance to save all the flora and fauna we so love,
also, a chance to help Mother Earth and Nature to heal.

As time passes another animal species becomes extinct,
or is endangered because their habitat is destroyed
by those who seek more profit in the name of progress.
Birds, trees, other plant life lose their homes to human needs
which may in time be abandoned for newer places.

As the pendulum swings more lives are violently taken
by those born of evil who need power over the weak,
to prove to some deranged belief they are superior
to all others in this world and all other beliefs.
It is possible for all peoples to live in peace and harmony.

Why then must there always be wars and killings
for some cultures to become dominate and dictate,
while others are oppressed, assimilated or eliminated?
Nature is a perfect teacher of harmony and balance,
she shows how species depend on each other to live together.

In ancient jungles Nature has taken back its land,
as ancient temples and cities were abandoned
by civilizations which could not survive in areas
that were perfect for animals, birds and plant life,
but unsuitable for any human habitation.

Nature Takes Back her own

Ancient Ruins of Calakmul, Mexico

Ancient Ruins of Calakmul, Mexico

Nature Stripped Away

Yet, Nature is again stripped away in modern times,
so tourists can follow ancient footsteps of the
lost civilizations that once inhabited
the natural jungles or forests of the world.
Delightful for people, but where did the animals go?

Ancient Footsteps

Tikal Mayan ruins Guatemala 2009

Tikal Mayan ruins Guatemala 2009

Yet Another Chance?

Nature is strong and will reclaim natural habitats.
But, must we force Nature to wait for generations
to once again provide for flora and fauna of the wild?
Creator made Mother Earth suitable for both humans
and wild species, yet humans are not satisfied with that.

Most of the human population have forgotten
how to appreciate and care for Mother Earth.
It is not enough to take only what is needed
then give back for Nature to nourish and protect.
No, humanity wants it all and will fight Nature for it.

The pendulum swings and time passes, hate versus love,
and in many parts of the world the upswing
is in the arc of hate and destruction.
Let us do what we can to restore our world
and bring the pendulum back to the side of love.

Let us do what we have to and abolish hate,
before Nature and humanity itself is abolished.
If humanity destroys humanity and all life forms
Nature will eventually take back and reclaim
lands and new life forms will be created.

Will Creator give humanity yet another chance
to live in balance, peace and harmony
with Nature and all wild species?
Or will humanity meet their final destiny
as the gods did in the last battle of Ragnarok?

Author's Note

This poem is an epistle which is a poem or other literary work in the form of a letter or series of letters directed to a person or a group of people. I have separated it into stanzas for better ease of reading.

This epistle was inspired by my great concern for the state of the world, Mother Earth, and Nature. Many people worldwide have the same concern and many are gathering in spirit as one to bring peace and beauty back to humanity and Mother Earth. I am a Lantern Carrier and Spiritual Mentor. I do what I can to light lanterns for others to find their way in the darkness that surrounds us in today's world. For every lantern I can light another person goes forth to light others. I fervently hope and pray this episte touches the hearts and souls of many. If you are already a Lantern Carrier may God bless and guide you.

© 2019 Phyllis Doyle Burns

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