Pending Along

Updated on December 2, 2017

Pending Along

Be swift, in the moonlight
Lest the guards quicken paces
Half hidden of the landscape
While veils crept over disturbing faces
For God's glory! Goodness sakes
Significant to tell of the martyred
Saving Grace is what’s called
Calling for Jesus is not hard

Creaking shadows is not a shadow at all

An ornament of self-belief
A translation none could bear
Though tried in might, none-the-less
Tried a failing trite
Wit a repertoire abusive label
Skull of shadow; blind sighted
Corralling legislatives as a fable

Leverage with a weighty book
On a scale to provide equality
May I be in your book,
Adding pen felt fears toward quality?
And it’s Word lasts for all of ever
Fearless like a thief You let in
Drawing near the center of stages,
God, when do you say I begin?

© 2017 Palegun



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