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Pen and Me

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Notes that spread the ink on an empty paper


Self expression

To scribble down my thoughts is freedom for me.

The way I express myself without animosity.

The words flow through my veins, deep down to my chest.

Pumps out undying love to the readers, this is what I professed.

Depends on my mood or inspiration at this time,

If I can put all the words together until I make a rhyme.

It helps me to unload the tons of coal inside my mind.

Who knows there could be a piece of gold that you could find.

To aspire for something, or goals to achieve,

To motivate the inner soul of those who believe,

To destress, to relieve any pain from the past,

To have deep affection that won't ever last.

Sometimes, I go through scary as hell,

But not all people know me that well.

Only thru my poems my stories will tell,

How long I've been on a limbo, that I don't want to dwell.

Every word comes from thy heart,

Like water that flows in the river I will always impart.

Like a book that you could read from time after time.

A delight to see if there are readers of this poem of mine.

Like flowers in the garden,

Like school of fish in the sea,

I want a taste of heaven

In the world I created if you could only see.

Like a wishing well, a coin I will drop,

To make my dreams come true until I reach the top.

The poems that I wrote is not only for me,

Its also for the readers who could relate with thee.

There's only a wish that I ask from above,

A simple request sealed with love,

May my elements be meaningful to all,

Until my curtain falls, my name would have a recall.

© 2019 Janis

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