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Pen, Friend, Alright Night

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Sight, slide.. From left to write.. Ink winks blink, scribes, rise, elevating black light..

fluorescent hides, ultraviolet vibes..

arise, smiles, filed, wild, bye, daggered distant eyes,

piercing thy..

deep and wide..

sly, guy, wise, seems, so, surprised??

follow & see why,

or just give up now, and later never even try,

sounds alive,

machine grinds,

another minced, meat pie..

delivered, fly..

wings try, pumping, why...

answers, disguised,

code alright...

notes, high..

say goodbye...

to old thoughts, ways, root, cause, vines

in your mind...

ideas form, order, waiting, waiter, dines,

table 9,

reminding the kind, bell rings fine,

ding... divine...

sunrise lights,

trees might,

leave, bark, bite...


sip, upper lip, twigs been, slipped a sticks, fright,

mornings raised, branched, prime,

numbers, undercover, bounds, bind,


you.. died...

in the dirt.. earth, air, move, fire, inside...

smoke, hives,

milk honey, dry.

sting will decide..

pills venom reminds...

(a) communities strife..

learning (how) 2 drive.

brakes, gas, polite..

lessons, blind...

spot, rock?? fine..

motors whine.

traveling, size..

universal, join, take, splines...


there.. can't deny...

journey's, behind..

sands of time,

hourglass wine,

cheers.. mine