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Pedophilia - The Sickening Elephant in the Room

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


Angry words

That’s all I’ve heard

Steady noise; the topic blurred

Tiny toddlers

Sons and daughters

Taken from their mums and fathers

Meanwhile people taking sides

Faux surprise or spreading lies

Haters love to criticize

Fixers and tinkers

Performers and singers

All they do is wag their fingers

Scripted outrage

On the global stage

When everything has been arranged

Talking heads

Spout story threads

Filled with hate and loggerheads

Every claim

They’re all the same

Everyone guilty, but none to blame

Steps in lock

Just like their talk

Diverting from the aftershock

Fan the flames

Dox the names

Knowing well that nothing’s changed

It takes action

To gain real traction

It has to go beyond reaction

They defy the laws

Just because

Evil monsters; self-applause

Kids are groomed

In darkened rooms

Lured with treats and cheap balloons

While lawmakers wait

To negotiate

Try to check, or reach checkmate

Spend a million

Spend a billion

Nothing seems to help those children


In a sovereign nation

Lost among the population

All the while

The pedophiles

Hiding in the narrow aisles

Place their orders

At open borders

Subjects of their unknown horrors

Too much emotion

A toxic potion

Behind the scenes; things in motion

Secret pact

Must distract

Keep the source of kids intact

Once forbidden

To expose what’s hidden

That which started in Great Britain

It’s systemic

An epidemic

Officials, bankers, Academics

Broken system

Tiny victims

Old rich men with strange addictions

Sad ordeal

When the tears are real

Never-ending hurts won’t heal

Bodies numb

They suck their thumbs

Wondering whether help will come

No more words

It’s all been heard

Find and charge the gallows birds

No more abuse

Cook their goose

Justice from the hangman’s noose

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