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Peddlers, Pushers, Me, You, Us - "Repentance Over Us All"


Childhood seemed so simple, a piece of cake to be exact,

Worries and cares were minimal, bearable only to a child,

Struggles were unawares on the horizon, distant, sure to come,

Just as the change predicted to show up with a turn of events,

Cigarettes what an addiction for a child only nine,

with no way to support the habit, just smoke them now full time,

Childhood comes to its final episode approaching 13, now I am grown,

Teens emerge on the scene of life, Now playing at a theater near you,

They know it all only to know nothing about being an adult, not playing one,

Yet, it is sung that everybody plays the fool, there is no exception to the rule,

it maybe factual, down right cruel, instructions are needed not to play or be the fool,

Youth carries the burden of folly bound up in the heart, No, it is not fair, but is it true?

New move from the old neighborhood, Turfers, and jurisdictional thugs decide,

Who can enter the neighborhood, sound familiar,

Bullies everywhere, parent produced, they bully, so, bullying must be right,

New friends, parties and were off towards nowhere fast,

Beer, wine, alcohol, you name it, it is available,

We are only sixteen, you peddlers. are we really that God gone free?

We just want to get blasted, get high, but we don't even know why,

Everything is accessible even in the mean teens,

Oh, wait, here comes beer and wine's kinfolk: heroin, cocaine, marijuana,

you name it, that dag gone pusher has, and sells it, without regard,

to whose son or daughter falls prey, or even if they pray,

Which one is the predator, the drug or pusher?

Oh, by the way, this was once upon a time, 1970's,

No, today teens have more variety in free will exercises,

All kinds of pills, meth, opioids, crack, illicit sex, diseases, etc.,

Remedy "repentance" to correct this corrupted path,

and all the harm one has or perhaps still is inflicting upon self,

trained in self sabotage, but the need is to be instructed in self perseverance,

Even in the new neighborhood, there is another hood waiting,

Guess what! found a job at sixteen, working papers in order,

That pusher thought I was hiring, thinks I'm his/her employer,

I should pay to get high with pusher/peddler assistance,

He actually has a long reach he wants government aide,

Help wanted, for the ole neighborhoods get flooded with drugs,

However, the day arrives when you must think before you leap,

You are not a frog, or lizard, even when they treat you like one,

Thinking before consequences isn't generally available, but for some,

I understand privilege, it is really a private matter,

it is the "misuse of privilege", I will never be willing to understand,

If only the dumb peddlers and pushers could see, have mercy!

one cannot handle more than one addiction at a time,

Stop the selling, and you stop the buying, and addictions will vanish.

Where are the profits in that, or do you mean prophets!

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