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Peasantries Against Pleasantries

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

I'm Slowly Making My Way Back

I have not been here to write for a little while now, and when I write, this introduction part is usually an explanation to my own grasp of my written words. I don't want to do that this time.

An interpretation is what I want the readers to grab here. Their own thoughts and emotions that flow while they read these poetic passages. I know what they mean for me, but how will they make you, the reader, feel?

Sometimes, we struggle in life. I cannot imagine anyone who has not. And so, this is why I haven't tried to write or read here lately. I apologize for that, because I am still not fully ready to read a lot today. I barely found my voice with my own piece here. I really typed it with a lot of angst. However, maybe it is the first step to feeling like expressing more. I hope all will be patient with me. Thank you.


And so it was...

It has not ever mattered that I am not the worst…it has only mattered that

I was never your best.

The scars that I wear burn in your eyes. They make me feel damaged.

They itch, and I despise.

Grabbing and wailing I tear at my flesh…if only I was new again

a real resurrect.

It is now my curse as I stare at my face…this struggle to live and

keep you amazed.

I don’t want to lose my pull of desire…yet; I'm aware of my own

lost staying power.


And so it is...

Sometimes, I find myself in a field of wildflower scents…

where there is always descend and some renewed ascends.

I try to imagine a life of theirs short…a death of environment creating

beauty reborn.

Oh…as I crumble into the Wildflower field…I wish the young daisies

would swallow this self-doubt.

Then allow me to regrow my poise and stout. Regretfully, we humans

are not of this fate…

It’s a silly dream, that only helps me live within my own terrible


Rising back to a dismal view of a life of lonely and irrelevant


I will sleep with an enemy forever present…the enemy of earth

whom I shall relinquish myself its PEASANT.


© 2017 Missy Smith