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Peaceful Resolution Impossible, Forceful Resolution Inevitable

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She has been shown love by her parents, when her peers lament of the situation they are

Passing through in their families, she usually pity them because she is not experiencing

Something like that. As she continues to grow, she falls into the right hand of a lover who

Loves her without reservations and he was equally showing her uncommon love. Her

Friends begin to wonder what kind of luck hers’ is, because she is enjoying love at home and

Outside she is enjoying impeccable romantic love in the hands of her lover. As time passes

Her peers became envious of her, especially of the romantic love she was enjoying, they

Know they cannot do anything about the love she is enjoying with her parents and siblings

But they can do something about the romantic relationship she is into. Thence about seven of

Her peers come together and resolved that they will give it all it takes to break the romantic

Relationship she was into. They mapped out some plans which they need to execute in

Bringing the relationship to a standstill. The first plan is contacting the young man who is in

Romantic relationship with her and they painted her bad before the young guy, but because

Of the past experiences the young guy has had about how ladies could be envious of

Themselves, he appreciated all that they have said but did not fall into their traps of hating the

Damsel, in the stead of hating her, he likes her the more and showers on her more love than

Before. Those people stylishly ask from their friend if her lover discusses anything with her

About them, and she replies that their relationship is not centered on them discussing people,

But on discussing events and how their homes would be. They were elated that the young

Man did not discuss what they have said with her. However, the young man warns her of the

Need to be careful of those people. She however, insisted that they have been very good

Friends from her childhood phase till that moment, and there is nothing to worry about on

Their case, she does not have to look over her shoulders on her case. Weeks after this, when

They knew they had won the favor of the lady back, they cooked lies for her about her

Spouse, she would not investigate what they had told her before she takes actions, she

Started fighting with her lover, destroyed everything that her lover has bought for her as

Present and token of love, destroyed everything that links them together for she does not want

To remember him again. The attempts of the young man to get everything resolved failed

And he left trying. He could not place what had happened between them into a correct place,

Because those ladies still visit him and play innocent with him, telling him they will talk to

Her on his behalf. He hoped against hope, trusting that she will come around soon, but

This does not happen. All the tokens of love he sent to her afterwards were not received.

When he knows he has tried all he could but to no avail, he left trying, but his mind was

Always with her and he would send people to monitor her steps for him. It was during the

Process of their rifts that the enemies invaded their island after destroying so many things

Within the island, they carried many away captives. Among the people carried away captives

Was the lady showered love on. After those enemies had left and the news of what they

Had done got to him and knowing that his spouse was among those who had been carried

Away captive he rose to action and seek to know the mode of operations of those who had

Invaded the island. They told him the style they used and he knows that those were the

People he had lived it in the wilderness during his training periods. For the leader of the

Warriors too have come to meet with his trainer when he was in the wilderness to learn

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Something. When they were together learning, they were found of each other and had

Become friends during the period. That leader, however left before him because he has a

Trainer in his island and has been directed to his trainer to learn for months. After departing

They continued to get in touch with each other until he left the place, that was when their

Communication breaks. After he has gotten the details of the people, he traced them to their

Camp and when his friend saw him he was elated. They talked about the past and before he

Leaves he has shown him olive branch, for he wants him to have mercy on those people

He has held captive. This man on hearing what he has said however says he cannot free those

People, and if he has anything to discuss with him he can say. He replied that there is nothing

He wants to say other than pleading with him to let those people go. He left him saying he

Will give him time to think about the issue he has discussed with him. When he returns to the

Place again, he pleaded with him that if he cannot let everything go, he should release his

Spouse for him, for that is his sheep, the dove he always places on his chest when he

Wants to sleep. She is what he has been working for all the days of his life. The man says he

Cannot release the lass for him, neither would he release anyone at that for he is yet standing

By what he has said. When he discovers that he will not change his mind on what he has

Said, he left him alone but promised to be back for him in a big way. When he gets back to

His island, he gathers together his team and they attacked the camp of the enemies he has

Pleaded with but unyielding. The battle was serious, but his team overpowered the

Enemies and deliver their people. After the people have been delivered and they were

Gathering the spoil of the battle and the hostages, the lady walked to him and they embraced

Themselves in a passionate way like never before. When they returned to their island, she

Went with him to his house and there told him how the enemies have lied to her about him,

For it was because of their lies that she did all she has done. He told her, that was what he

Was telling her before and warning her against, that those people could not be trusted.

She was deeply sorry for the inconveniences she has caused him and promised not to do that

Again as they warmly embraced and moved to the innermost room….


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