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Peace to My Temple "I Call Home"

My Love of Food and indulgence

My Love of Food and indulgence

I was recently going over old poetry that I have written in the past,

then a question dwelled upon me.

How well are you taking care of your Temple?

I have had this question in mind for years now,

feeling very conflicted with the results.

I wanted to study nutrition but then fell apart with worldly dilemmas,

I myself was back in forth in the health department,

worried about what others would say,

then ignoring their commentary and eating away.

Years of progress down the drain thanks to gluttony,

torn by my love of food and my passion for fitness

fading away in an instant; all I can do now is make some progress,

learning from my past mistakes and treating my temple with respect;

I will not let these bad influences have any authority over my decision!

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