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Peace of My Country: A Poem

halley is a man who often pour the hearts and feelings through a poem. the beauty of the words of a message of peace that can unite differen

Peace Of My Country

Peace Of My Country

Peace of my country

What I read is ignorance

I'm just silent

don't need to do anything

Because I don't know.

What am I looking for about the truth

I'm still looking

Couldn't find anything definite

because I didn't get it.

A few people have spun this country

for something.

Everyone rejects that decision

for something

The one standing in the middle is petrified

can't tell.

Whereas me and you stand on different paths.

I live a normal routine

You live freely in your activities

Enough until we are reunited

along with a cup of coffee and a snack in the afternoon

for a story and we are still living together.

Until when the sad story has different opinions

will continue to be lifted

be a highest rank to continue to be blasphemed

while we live strictly for the sake of mouthfuls of rice and a tight waist tied.

Never mind. don't waste life on experimentation

Never mind, do not ignore the future that has not been revealed

Never mind, don't we all deceive each other

pretending to forget to be the cleanest

do not remember the sins that were committed

cheat the wound that has been carved

for the sake of a minus STATUS

leads to an arrogance-based dissatisfaction.

Peace of my land, today and forever

Peace of my country without anyone getting hurt

Peace of my country with the basis and orderly rules

The peace of my country for me, for you, for all of us.

For Them the gentle generation is democratic


My Hope

Hopefully every country in the world knows very well what is needed by its people.

know about the state of its people.
any regulation relating to the interests of the people and the state.
delivered in an open manner and everyone realized.
so that it will not cause a difference of opinion. No one harmed. nothing has been sacrificed.
Surely every member of society feels the goodness of a rule that is applicable and accepted.

Whatever it is, this is just a wish. A dream that may not come true.

© 2020 Halley Kawistoro

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