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Peace in Chaos

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He loves to write. It is his passion. It is also his time of reflection and a time to discover more about life.


The Setting

I was sitting at the food court of a mall near my place. I wanted to kill my time, but then I decided to utilize it writing my next article. Despite the music playing and chattering from all over the place, I kept writing quietly. I even enjoyed the setting. There was noise, but still, I was focused. I managed to keep going. Then, out of the blue, a thought came across my mind. So, I decided to use another sheet of my notepad and wrote it down. I just could not let it slip away without acknowledgment. And, I decided to make it as my next hub.

Amidst the noise,
Still, there is a space for silence.
Look around.
People talkin' and walkin'.


The Draft

My draft of this article was not written the same as it is here. There were no stanzas, no rhymes but only continuous lines. But as I started to write, there were changes but good ones, I think. At some point, it is true that when you keep rereading your article, you could improve it. So now, it looks a poem already.

Silence is not seen with eyes wide open.

— JustaThought

Side Note

It was funny how thoughts were being polished when I write. I had it in my mind, but when I write them on a draft, changes in structure and words occur. And, as I write it for posting, there would be another modification. It was a series of improvements. Indeed, there is continuous improvement every time I rewrite. Also, there will always be room for improvements. I would not be surprised about editing my article when I reread them later on.

But the silence is not seen
With eyes wide open.
Space is within.
It is calm and comforting.

How to Find Peace

Going back to peace in chaos, you can have it despite the noise around you. Just keep grounded on what you want to do. It is ok to get distracted once in a while to breathe but pull back yourself to what you are doing. Close your eyes in a moment and feel the space within you. Let your thoughts freely and breath regularly. Then get back to what you are doing again.

Look within.
Eyes shut and not open.
Hear not the noise in the surroundin'
But it is of peace the reign.

Where to Find Peace

You could certainly find it not elsewhere but within you. You could see it not when your eyes are open but when you shut them. There may be noise around you, but when you get in touch within, you anchor serenity with you. Then, you could go in peace.

Go in Peace.